6th Grade Sentance Structure Question Preview (ID: 896)

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Where did Sally go last Tuesday?
a) She was to the museum last Tuesday.
b) She went to the post office last Tuesday.
c) She goes to the library last Tuesday.
d) She got to the school last Tuesday.

The mountains
a) The mountains was pretty yesterday.
b) The mountains were pretty yesterday.
c) The mountains are pretty yesterday.
d) The mountains is pretty yesterday.

The river
a) The river is clean now.
b) The river was clean now.
c) The river are clean now.
d) The river were clean now.

The lake
a) The lake were dirty yesterday.
b) The lake is dirty yesterday.
c) The lake are dirty yesterday.
d) The lake was dirty yesterday.

The mountains
a) The mountains were polluted now.
b) The mountains is polluted now.
c) The mountains are polluted now.
d) The mountains was polluted now.

How were the mountains last weekend?
a) The mountains were ugly last weekend.
b) The mountains are ugly last weekend.
c) The mountains is ugly last weekend.
d) The mountains was ugly last weekend.

How was the lake yesterday?
a) The lake is wonderful yesterday.
b) The lake were wonderful yesterday.
c) The lake are wonderful yesterday.
d) The lake was wonderful yesterday.

How is the sea now?
a) The sea was dirty now.
b) The sea is dirty now.
c) The sea were dirty now.
d) The sea are dirty now.

What did Sally do last Tuesday?
a) She play dodge ball last Tuesday.
b) She plays dodge ball last Tuesday.
c) She player dodge ball last Tuesday.
d) She played dodge ball last Tuesday.

What did Sally do last Monday?
a) She plays soccer last monday.
b) She play soccer last monday.
c) She played soccer last monday.
d) She player soccer last monday.

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