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Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice.[print questions]

Information in this article would be of most value to a reader who wants to
a) compare radio plays to television shows
b) research the early life of Orson Welles
c) find suggestions for a new radio play
d) learn about one of the most famous radio plays

The difference between The Mercury Theatre on the Air and The Charlie McCarthy Show was that the Charlie McCarthy Show
a) had more listeners
b) was a better show
c) had a bigger budget
d) was more serious

What was the main benefit for Orson Welles of broadcasting The War of the Worlds
a) It jump-started Welles's long and successful career.
b) It caused the cancellation of The Charlie McCarthy Show.
c) It made science fiction more popular than ever before.
d) It gained listeners for the Mercury Theater on the Air

Which page would most likely offer information about The War of the Worlds
a) 27-29
b) 29-30
c) 31-33
d) 33-35

Were people simply more gullible in 1938 than they are today? The word "gullible" means about the same as
a) easily fooled
b) highly critical
c) judgemental
d) somewhat understanding

Which event belongs in the second box?
a) lawsuits were dropped
b) people flee from New Jersey
c) Mercury Theater became a hit
d) Northeast faces rare hurricane

Which of these statements from the article best illustrates the panic that followed The War of the Worlds
a) Before there was television, radio was the most popular form of home entertainment in America."
b) "The New York Times switchboard was overwhelmed with calls about the imagined invasion."
c) "There was a strong faith that if something was broadcast on the radio, it had to be true."
d) "Also in September, the northeastern United States had been hit without warning by a rare hurricane.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, the Mercury Players had no idea what kind of havoc their play was causing. Which word means about the same as "havoc"?
a) worry
b) disorder
c) celebration
d) entertainment

Which of the following is NOT a reason why people believed the play to be true?
a) They missed the announcers warning that the play was not real.
b) Listeners expected everything they heard on the radio to be true.
c) People were not as educated then as they are today.
d) The play sounded like an actual news broadcast.

Which of the following may have led to the panic created by The War of the Worlds?
a) The collapse of the stock market
b) The impending doom of World War II
c) An alien abduction that was recently reported.
d) A hurricane that hit the Northeast without warning

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