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Sir Gawain did NOT do which of the following
a) Obtain the Holy Grail
b) gets nicked on the nape of the neck
c) Kiss the lord of the castle
d) Accept Challenge from the Green Knight

Which is NOT an example of an alliteration
a) nicked the nape of his neck
b) heaved his heavy horse
c) frozen fields of flowers
d) ran as fast as a speeding bullet

What is a quatrain?
a) coupled rhymed lines in poetry
b) 6 lines of poetry
c) four lines of poetry
d) same consonant sounds at the beginnings of words in a sentence

Historically speaking, Arthur was from:
a) Born in Camelot
b) Born in Britain, raised in Rome
c) Born in Rome, raised in Britain
d) Born in Sarmatia

The Picts were:
a) The barbaric invaders from Europe
b) ancestral people of Ireland; enemies of Britain
c) Followers of Christianity
d) the ancestral people of Norther Scotland: enemies of the Romans

Hadrians Wall was built to:
a) separate Britian from Scotland
b) Keep the Romans from escaping
c) Seperate the Romans from the Barbarians
d) Keep the Britaish from escaping

What deal does Rome make with the Sarmatians?
a) Convert to Christianity, and we will protect you
b) Make your sons become commanders for the Roman army, and we will leave
c) Allow us to have your wives, and we will not harm you
d) Pledge to fight for our army, and will we give you peace

Why would The Lady of the Lake and Merlin desire for Morgain and Arthur to have a child?
a) Keep Avalon alive in the bloodlines
b) to humiliate them
c) to destroy Camelot
d) to ruin Arthur\'s reign

Why do Lancelot and Guinevere decide to finally act on their love, behind Arthurs back?
a) They knew they were going to die soon
b) Guinevere finds out about Mordred being Arthurs true heir, born to his half sister
c) They decided that their love for each other was more important than Arthur
d) they are happy

Why does Lancelot decide to marry Lady Elaine?
a) To make Guinevere jealous
b) To ease the pain of being constantly in love with Guinevere, and not able to have her
c) To produce a child
d) To please Morgain

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