Chapter 5 And 6 Review Question Preview (ID: 8940)

Entreprenuership And Business Organization.[print questions]

The revenue you make after paying all the costs of producing a product is called?
a) gain
b) profit
c) capital
d) loss

How does a corporation earn money?
a) sell stock
b) trade goods
c) apply for loans
d) offer services

Ocean Spray is an example of an
a) franchise
b) corporation
c) non-profit
d) cooperative

The job of an intermediary is to
a) inspect goods
b) distribute goods
c) gather goods
d) trash goods

An example of a virtual business is
a) Walmart
b) Home Depot
c) Ebay
d) Sears

The purpose of a nonprofit organization is to?
a) make money
b) provide a service
c) lose money
d) gain customers

Who is held responsible for decisions in a corporation?
a) Board of Directors
b) The president
c) The owner
d) stockholders

What does the term SBA stand for?
a) Short Business Association
b) Small Business Association
c) Small Business Administration
d) Smart Business Administration

What is the main reason entrepreneurships fail?
a) No business plan
b) Customers
c) Bad marketing
d) Money

Which of the following is true about small businesses?
a) Has fewer than 500 employees
b) Generates more than half of the nation's income
c) Employs more than 50% of the total work force in the US
d) All of the above

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