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To Test 6th Grade.[print questions]

What does the law of conservation of matter say ?
a) It can be changed to energy
b) A CAT
c) It cannot be created or destroyed
d) A blue backpack can turn into a dinosaur

What is a food web?
a) Food Pyrimad
b) food tetrahedron
c) Food triangle
d) Food chains over laping

What is a producer?
a) Plants
b) computer
c) 6 cornell
d) ice cream

What is a biotic factor?
a) cheese sandwhich
b) a turtle
c) pizza
d) Non-living thing

Why would food webs be more helpful to an ecologist?
a) You can see more interactions
b) strawberries>rabbit>fox
c) To see what animals are blue
d) So he can see what to eat tonight

Out of these four choices which is a decomposer?
a) Snake
b) Dinosaurs
c) Worms
d) Fish

What does interaction mean?
a) Meet, Talk together
b) Sun, and Water
c) Killing each other
d) Eating together

What is the shape of a DNA
a) Double helix
b) Ms. Tester
c) a red bookpack
d) A fast computer

What is fertiliazation
a) A egg and a chicken talking to each other
b) Poop
c) Answer 3
d) Sperm and egg fusing

What kind of ferilization do spider use
a) Internal
b) computer
c) Cars
d) External

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