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It is okay for peer-to-peer network to shares music, movies, software, files, etc. that is protected by copyright laws.
a) no; it is illegal to download from file sharing website; you could download from legal websites for a small fee
b) Yes as long as you do not sell what you download
c) If it does not have a copyright notice you can download it
d) You can only download music

In creating the graduation video, Mrs. Teckie adds the song
a) It is okay because it is fair use and it is for educational purposes
b) Fair use allows a portion of the song—30 seconds or less whichever is less
c) It is okay because we can use 30 minutes of the song
d) It is okay because it is for the school's graduation video

You are the editor of the school newscast. You edited videos of major news stations like NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN for a school project of major tornados is central Texas. Your proje
a) It is okay because you created the final project
b) You cannot sell it because you used other people’s work; the project is no longer fair use.
c) It is okay because news are public
d) You can sell it at a small fee

You have a research paper due on Wednesday for your ELA class; you have no time to do it during weekend or the week because of all your activities. You copy and paste from the Net
a) It is okay because you had too many things to do
b) It is plagiarism and violates copyright laws; you need to provide your own thoughts and cite your sourc
c) It is okay to copy and paste if its for school
d) It is okay to copy and paste this time only

You want to make your friend the perfect gift. You know she loves songs from artist Nicki Minaj. You find a peer-to-peer network and download all the artist’s songs to a CD.
a) It is okay because you are not selling the CD to your friend
b) This is piracy and it is intellectual property theft
c) It is okay because singers make too much money
d) You can make a copy for your friend's birthday its just one CD

You bought the movie, The Zoo Keeper, you make a copy for you cousin and keep the original
a) It is okay because you are not selling the copy
b) Violates intellectual property and it is consider piracy; you have the right to view it but not to make copies for friends
c) Actors are wealthy so its okay to make copies
d) It okay because the copy is for the friend

You created an awesome science presentation about the biomes around the world using facts and images from NASA. Mrs. Teckie wants to add it to the school’s website.
a) Material use in school projects cannot be displayed where they can be copied
b) If it is for educational purposes, so it is okay to put in the school’s website
c) It is okay because it is the student's work

Protects intangible material that has value--like an idea, music, software, motion pictures, images,
a) Intellectual Property
b) Piracy
c) Plagiarism
d) Peer-to-Peer Network

Assume everything is copyrighted
a) yes; always assume everything is copyrighted even if there is no copyright notice
b) Not everything online is copyrighted
c) If it does not have the copyright symbol, it is not copyrighted
d) Only sites with copyrighted symbols are copyrighted

Sharing, borrowing or copying is a violation of copyrights and intellectual property rights
a) Peer-to-peer networking is illegal and consider theft
b) If you only share with your friends then file sharing is okay
c) Peer-to-peer networks makes it easier to borrow, share or copy so these networks should be used.
d) Games and music should can only be downloaded

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