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a) animal-like protists
b) plant-like protist
c) fungus-like protist
d) algae

a) Ciliate
b) Sarcodine
c) Flagellate
d) other

a) Euglena
b) Amoeba
c) Paramecium
d) Algae

Algae live together in
a) tribes
b) schools
c) packs
d) colonies

Parasites like Girardia or Plasmodium
a) ciliates
b) pseudopods
c) sporozoans
d) algae

Which does NOT refer to fungus-like protists?
a) autotrophs
b) have cell walls
c) reproduce by spores
d) examples are slime molds, water molds and downy mildews

Fungi use these to secrete digestive enzymes to break down their food and then absorb it
a) roots
b) spores
c) oral groove
d) hyphae

Which is NOT an example of Fungi?
a) mushrooms
b) molds
c) yeasts
d) slime molds, downy mildews and water molds

Mushrooms and Puffballs are this type of Fungi
a) sac
b) threadlike
c) club
d) yeast

What term do we use to describe the Amoeba
a) pseudopod
b) flagellat
c) ciliate
d) protozoan

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