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ABC Corporation is attempting to buy its only competitor but a lawsuit says that the transaction may lead to a monopoly. Which consumer right might the corporation be violating?
a) To choose
b) To service
c) To safety
d) To consumer education

After complaining at the customer service department, John received a favorable response. Which consumer right did he evoke?
a) To be honest
b) To be active
c) To service
d) To safety

A sales associate discourages customers from sharing complaints regularly. Which right of the consumer bill of rights is the associate possibly violating?
a) To service
b) To safety
c) To consumer education
d) To be heard

3M prohibits another company from producing the natural fitting mouse exactly the same way they do. This company is protected by which government service?
a) Contract enforcement
b) Environmental protection
c) Safe work environment
d) Intellectual property protection

Stacy signed a document agreeing to pay $3000 to have a stereo system installed. The manager of the company disputed the agreed amount. Stacy may need which type of protection?
a) Environmental protection
b) Contract enforcement
c) Intellectual property protection
d) Safe work environment

John made sure all counter surfaces in the bathrooms were only 34 inches above the floor to accommodate employees. Which protection is he addressing?
a) Safe work environment
b) Intellectual property protection
c) Contract enforcement
d) Environmental protection

A company spent $8,000 of its $97,000 workplace wellness budget on pedometers. What percent of its budget was used?
a) 4%
b) 16%
c) 12%
d) 8%

An agency allots 3% of its $40,000 budget to sponsor workshops for managers about the importance of job safety. What amount of its budget is used for the workshops?
a) $120.00
b) $1,200.00
c) $12.00
d) $400.00

The Dow Chemical Company provides all employees natural fitting equipment to eliminate injuries. Which social responsibility is this company addressing?
a) Environmental protection
b) Job safety
c) Workplace diversity
d) Employee wellness

A manufacturing company partnered with Rex Hospital to provide workshops about moving more at work. Which social responsibility did the company address?
a) Environmental protection
b) Employee wellness
c) Workplace diversity
d) Job safety

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