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the main subject of the Web site posting is
a) a community civic event
b) a parent teacher organization meeting
c) an annual fund raiser
d) a school bazaar

Which of these is not mentioned as being up for bid at the auction
a) a movie pass to the local cinema
b) a weekend stay at a hotel
c) a gift certificate to a restaurant
d) airline tickets

Which of these occurs next after the items for bid are previewed?
a) the highest bidders for the silent auction are determined
b) bidding in the silent auction begins
c) tickets become available for purchase
d) items are auctioned at the main auction

The more items that are donated or purchased for auction,
a) the less money that will be charged for tickets to the auction
b) the more money that can be raised to support the computer lab
c) the faster that tickets will be sold to the auction
d) the higher the value that will be placed on the items in the silent auction

How does the silent auction differ from the main auction?
a) the silent auction items are previewed, the main auction items are not
b) the silent auction is an hour longer than the main auction
c) the silent auction offers items for bid that are less expensive than the items in the main auction
d) the silent auction limits the number of people who can place a bid

The phrase "first come first served basis" tells you that
a) tickets are available for purchase one day only
b) the person who is first to arrive will receive free tickets
c) food and beverages will be provided at the auction
d) tickets are sold in the order of who arrives first to purchase them

A reader of the web site posting could conclude that
a) school auction is the only annual Haynes School fundraiser
b) most popular item up for bid will be the season tickets to the Bears
c) Haynes School has held three prior auctions
d) money raised will be used to purchase athletic equipment

Which of these is an opinion?
a) Gifts may be donated by contacting the committee.
b) School auctions are a creative way to raise needed funds.
c) Cash contributions will be pooled with other cash donations
d) Jorge Portuondo and Ruth Ann Thompson both head the committee

The main purpose of the Website posting is to
a) explain how to purchase tickets for a school auction
b) describe what items will be auctioned at the fund raiser
c) persuade parents to donate gifts
d) inform the school community about an upcoming school event

The phrase "miss the boat" means
a) participate in
b) hesitate
c) pass up an opportunity
d) forget to attend

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