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Which code should be used to insert the image \
a) image src=ball.gif\
b) img src=\
c) img src=\
d) image src=\

Karen wants to begin a new line within a paragraph of text on a webpage. Which code should she use?
a) br /
b) p /
c) break /
d) dd /

Jerry wants to insert a line break into his webpage. Which code should he use?
a) lb /
b) br/br
c) br /
d) break /

Which tags are used by search engines to find a website?
a) body/body
b) title/title
c) meta /
d) html/html

Between which paired tags would the visisble content of a webpage be displayed?
a) html/html
b) body/body
c) title//title
d) head/head

Which will create a link to Mr. Joe Jones\' email address [email protected]?
a) a href=\
b) a href=\
c) a mailto:\
d) a mailto:\

Which is the correct code to line to \
a) a href//=\
b) a href=
c) a href=\
d) a href=\

Which is the correct code to insert a horizontal line in a webpage?
a) br /
b) li /
c) hr /
d) hl /

To save a webpage created in a text-editor, it must be saved with which file extension?
a) .doc
b) .ppt
c) .ppt
d) .html

While creating a paragraph of text on her webpage, Karen wants to begin a new line. Which XHTML code should she use?
a) br /
b) p /
c) li /
d) break /

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