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What phrase best represents what the goldenrod meant to Leona?
a) It was a representation of the city's neglect
b) It was a connection to her grandmother
c) It was a cause of her allergies
d) It was a beautiful bouquet

The saxaphone key symbolizes what in the vignette?
a) the telephone
b) the golden rod
c) a tall glass of water
d) the bag of garbage

Which sentences from the vignette is an example of a simile?
a) I put Miles on the CD and stretched out on the bed
b) They're all trained to be slippery as snakes
c) The smell that came out of it made you think of hog pens and maggots
d) I was definitely real to them now

Which pair of words best describes Leona?
a) selfish and kind
b) happy and excited
c) determined and lazy
d) resourceful and strong-minded

What happens before Leona opened the trash bag in the office?
a) She was called in to a meeting with someone
b) The lot was cleaned up
c) She got on a bus and went downtown
d) She called Miles.

"I crossed to join them, like a cate who smells herring" means the narrator
a) likes fish
b) is afraid of dogs
c) is attracted to the crowd
d) is hungry

Which word best describes Sam's reaction to the garden at the beginning?
a) awed
b) disapproval
c) annoyance
d) curiosity

Which sentence from the vignette is an example of simile?
a) People see I'm friendly, no matter what they've heard about whites...
b) He worked at that soil until it flowed through his fingers like silk
c) In the Bible, though, there's a river in Eden
d) A duck gives birth to a duckling, not a moose.

Based on the information about Sam, which job would he most likely have?
a) cashier
b) janitor
c) working on a fishing boat
d) working for a non-profit group

According to the information in the vignette, the garden is increasingly segregated. Choose the statemetn that best supports this
a) But when newcomers joined... they could usually get a spot near the people they knew
b) With a few exceptions, the blacks on one side, the whites on another...
c) That week, a man put chicken wire around his garden
d) He showed up, saw his couch had been taken, and started ripping up people's plants

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