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According to the information in the article, Victor Lustig can best be described as
a) a criminal
b) an aristocrat
c) an academic
d) a humanitarian

Which sentence from the passage best supports the idea that Victor Lustig was a smooth talker?
a) "To Lustig, he was aman waiting to be hoodwinked"
b) "He claimed to Loller that he had developed a fantastic way to get rich"
c) "What the men didn't realize was that Lustig had switched envelopes, making off with all the cash"
d) "Not only did Lustig convince the detective to free him, he also managed to get $1,000"

Information in this article would be of most value to a reader who wants to
a) research ideas for financial investments
b) learn about one of history's famous swindlers
c) teach people how to make copies of $1,000 bills
d) compare Austrian and American traditions

What advice would Victor Lustig most likely give someone who wants to build a fortune
a) find something that you love to do, and just focus on doing it
b) find someone who has a lot of money, and think of a clever way of getting them to give it to you
c) save every penny you make, and only spend on the things you absolutely can't live without
d) look up the wealthiest person in the world to figure out how they made their money and do the same

Read this sentence. "I have come to the US to begin my life anew," said Lustig, pretending to be an Austrian count. What does the word "count" mean in this sentence?
a) a nobleman
b) to have value
c) to say numbers
d) a criminal charge

Which statement best describes what the passage is about?
a) Lustig, a banker, sells his farm and becomes an Austrian count
b) Lustig, a con man who poses as a count, swindles money from a bank, and talks himself into freedom
c) Lustic, a con man, persuades bankers into faulty investments and shady deals, and talks his way out
d) Lustig, a con man who poses as an austrian count, swindles money from a bank and dies from pneumonia

Which event happens last as stated in the article?.
a) Lustig claimed that he had developed a way to get rich.
b) Lustig met Herman Loller.
c) Lustig disappeared with Loller's $25,000 dollars.
d) Lustig developed a money-making machine.

If Lustig had not been caught, he would most likely have
a) continued scamming people out of their money
b) died of pneumonia anyway
c) married and had children
d) become an honest man

What are the best words to describe Lustig
a) smart and honorable
b) clever and dishonest
c) funny and purposeful
d) successful and serious

What was Victor's one rule about each scheme?
a) He had to make more than $300
b) The scheme would not take advantage of others
c) It should always involve banks.
d) No one should be physically harmed

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