Space Review 5 Question Preview (ID: 8913)

The 5th Test In The Review.[print questions]

In what part of the Sun are solar flares most likely to occur?
a) chromosphere
b) core
c) corona
d) photosphere

Which object in our solar system has an elongated elliptical orbit?
a) comet
b) meteorite
c) moon
d) planet

Which member of our solar system is a star?
a) Io
b) Pluto
c) Earth
d) Sun

Which best describes the location of our solar system in the Milky way galaxy?
a) Our solar system lies just outside the galaxy
b) Our solar system lies at the center of the galaxy
c) Our solar system lies on the innermost arm of the galaxy
d) Our solar system lies on an outer spiral arm of the galaxy

In what ways do solar storms typically effect Earth?
a) decreased daylight hours
b) heavy precipitation
c) fluctuating temperatures
d) increased magnetic fields

Which is the closest galaxy to our own?
a) Milky Way
b) Andromeda
c) Virgo

Which irregularly shaped bodies are also known as dwarf planets?
a) solar flares
b) meteor showers
c) comets
d) asteroids

What is the most correct statement about the universe?
a) It is called the milkyway
b) it is 14 billion years old
c) it contains several galaxies
d) is is 10 million miles across

What Earth process is most effected by the Moon and Sun's gravitational pull?
a) Tides
b) Currents
c) Eclipses
d) Storms

What is the result of earth spinning on its axis?
a) years
b) seasons
c) solar eclipses
d) day and night

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