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Comb jellies are bioluminescent, but also have strings of multicolor which are actually
a) elluminated
b) iridescent
c) incadescent
d) reflective

Blue light organs on the underside of a fish would most likely indicate the use of bioluminescence for
a) camoflague from predators below
b) attracting potential prey
c) finding a mate
d) elluminating potential prey like a flashlight

The primary uses of bioluminecence are to find food, escape predators, and
a) keep warm
b) create energy
c) echolocation
d) find a mate

How does the Fire Shooter Squid use Bioluminescence?
a) To elluminate potential prey, like a flashlight
b) As a lure to attract potential prey
c) Squirt a brilliant cloud in the face of a predator to blind it while he swims away
d) As camoflague from predators swimming below

What percentage of deep sea creatures are bioluminescent?
a) 10
b) 40
c) 50
d) 90

Which Bioluminescent creature has a large mouth and a lure that lights up?
a) cookie cutter shark
b) angler fish
c) viper fish
d) comb jelly

Bioluminescence is created by the chemical reaction of luciferin, luciferace, and
a) hydrogen
b) carbondioxide
c) methane
d) oxygen

What is the most common bioluminescent color in marine life?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Purple

What is the most common source of bioluminescence in surface waters?
a) Crustacians
b) Jellyfish
c) Dinoflagellates
d) Squid

What is Bioluminescence?
a) Light produced by living creatures
b) Light produced by lightbulbs
c) Glow in the dark paint
d) Light produced by glowsticks

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