Immune System Question Preview (ID: 89)

A Brief Overview Of The Immune System.

An example of a pathogen is:
a) bacteria.
b) cigarettes.
c) poor diet.
d) vitamin C.

Which is NOT an noninfectious disease?
a) cancer
b) Alzheimer's
c) the flu
d) Parkinson's

One cause of noninfectious disease is:
a) dirty hands.
b) being around sick people.
c) being sneezed on.
d) genetic disorder.

What is NOT a way that pathogens are spread.
a) using contaminated objects
b) boiling water
c) drinking contaminated water
d) direct person-to-person contact

Pathogens that are carried to the stomach by mucus usually:
a) get digested
b) crawl back up the esophagus
c) reproduce faster
d) move to the blood vessels

What is the system that attacks pathogens called?
a) antigen system
b) immune system
c) vaccine system
d) army system

What kind of disease is rheumatoid arthritis?
b) West Nile virus
c) autoimmune disease
d) cancer

A substance that helps your body develop immunity to a disease is called:
a) soda
b) milk
c) strep bacteria
d) vaccine

a) engulf pathogens.
b) are enlarged bacteria.
c) only eat dead skin cells.
d) play the banjo.

An overreaction to antigens that are not dangerous to the body is called:
a) a B cell
b) a T cell
c) an allergy
d) a drama queen

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