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The following are all pairs of synonyms except
a) sad, meloncholy
b) happy, elated
c) serious, playful
d) funny, humorous

Which of the following is the best synonym for trait
a) characteristic
b) adjective
c) tone
d) fact

Two words that are antonyms
a) have opposite meanings
b) have the same meanings
c) sound the same but have different meanings
d) have the same meaning but sound different

What should you NOT do when answering multiple choice questions
a) look back at the passage after reading the answer choices
b) use process of elimination
c) try to match words in the question to a place in the passage
d) pick the answer from what you remember without looking back

What is not a correct example of point of view (POV)?
a) an invisible narrator telling the story = 3rd person POV
b) someone not in the story who tells the story= 1st person POV
c) when a character in the story is telling the story = 1st person POV
d) someone is telling the story who is not in the story = 3rd person POV

What is the climax?
a) the ending of the story
b) the height of action in the story
c) the suspense in the story
d) the time and place of a story

What is the correct definition of assonance?
a) Repeating vowel sounds in repetition
b) Repeating consonant sounds in repetition
c) Repeating rhymes in repetition
d) Repeating words or phrases

What is the correct definition of a free-verse poem?
a) A poem with only 1 stanza
b) A poem with only 3 lines
c) A poem without a rhyme scheme
d) A poem with a repeating verse

On Listening portion of Day 2 you should do all of the following EXCEPT
a) take notes on the who, what, where, when and why of the passage
b) count how many times one word is repeated
c) make sure you pay attention to the first AND second time listening
d) focus on what the reader is saying and not on your neighbor

The night before the ELA you should
a) go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep
b) review your literary terms
c) relax and feel prepared for the exam
d) try to see how late you can stay up without falling asleep

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