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What is the main idea + where do you find it?
a) what the piece is mostly about + the first paragraph
b) who the piece is about + the title
c) what happens last + the first sentence
d) what happens first + the last sentence

What do you include in a summary of a passage?
a) what the piece is mostly about
b) only details from the passage
c) the main idea andthe most important details of a passage
d) outside knowledge of what you already know about the topic

What is the best definition of non-fiction writing?
a) literature that tells about real-life people, places and events
b) literature that tells a made up story
c) written about things that happened in the past
d) books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines

What is an example of a simile?
a) The fat cat was lazy.
b) She floated in like a cloud on a stormy day.
c) She was smart except when it came to numbers, like in Math and Science.
d) The book was a passport to adventure.

What is an example of a metaphor?
a) She was as tall as a tree.
b) She was a reminiscing on the old days.
c) He can't tell right from wrong.
d) He was a bump on a log and just as interesting.

What is foreshadowing?
a) a prediction
b) making an inference
c) guessing what will happen next
d) clues that suggest what might happen

Which of the following is not a place you look for context clues?
a) in a dictionary
b) the surrounding words
c) the surrounding phrases
d) the surrounding sentences

All of these are examples of personification except
a) The trees waved goodbye.
b) The cat meowed.
c) The clock insisted that I needed to hurry.
d) The car refused to let me in.

All of these are genres of literature except
a) poetry
b) fiction
c) workbooks
d) drama

In a passage, the audience is the
a) person to whom the writing is addressed
b) people in the seats
c) people at home watching TV
d) one performing

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