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I ......... my parents since June.
a) haven't seen
b) didn't see
c) was seing
d) have seen

Look! That boy .... to jump over the fence.
a) was trying
b) tries
c) is trying
d) didn't try

My sister ... to Scotland next week. She has been planning that trip for weeks.
a) will go
b) is going
c) might go
d) goes

They ..... lunch when I came home.
a) had already cooked
b) have already cooked
c) already cooked
d) are already cooking

My friends ..... dancing while I was studying.
a) were danceing
b) have danced
c) had danced
d) were dancing

..... our car yesterday?
a) Did you see
b) Have you seen
c) Didn't you saw
d) Do you see

Wait! That's heavy! I ,,,, you!
a) am going to help
b) 'll help
c) am helping
d) do help

My train .... around 8pm tomorrow.
a) leaves
b) will leave
c) left
d) has left

We .... hard this week.
a) studying
b) are studing
c) are studying
d) am studying

..... bananas?
a) Have she ever tasted
b) Did she ever taste
c) Has she ever tasted
d) Does she ever taste

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