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What was a Pharoah
a) most powerful person
b) ruler
c) like a king
d) all of the other answers are correct

What was their system of writing called
a) alphabet
b) characters
c) hieroglyphics
d) papyrus

What continent is Egypt on
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) North America
d) Africa

What famous sea did Moses lead people across when escaping from Egypt
a) Red Sea
b) Sea of Galilee
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Atlantic Ocean

What are pyramids
a) three or four sided structures with triangle shaped walls
b) tombs for pharoahs
c) stone buildings built by slaves
d) all three of the answers are correct

Who was Cleopatra
a) a movie star
b) a female pharoah
c) the wife of a pharaoh
d) the mother of a pharaoh

An amulet is an ornament that is thought to give magical protection
a) true
b) false
c) neither true nor false
d) both true and false

What is an ankh
a) an Egyptian design shaped like a cross with a looped top
b) a dung beetle that was considered scacred
c) a stone coffin
d) a mythological animal

How were the brains removed from mummies
a) through their ears
b) through their nose
c) through their eyes
d) the brains weren't removed

a person who studies ancient Egypt is called
a) a pharoah
b) an ancientologist
c) an Egyptologist
d) a sphinx

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