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The name denim most likely means
a) working clothes.
b) fabric of Nim city.
c) fabric of Denmark.
d) dark blue fabric in Italian

What caused a huge demand for outdoor labor wear in the 19th century?
a) the dude ranch
b) the Gold Rush
c) the movie industry
d) the hippie generation

In the early years, many people wore jeans for outdoor work. What caused jeans to become mainstream, where everyone wanted to wear them?
a) western novels
b) newspapers
c) magazines
d) movies

What invention made storeowner Leob Levi Strauss and inventor Jacob Davis strike it rich?
a) overalls
b) waist overalls
c) denim jackets
d) souvenir jeans

Why were jeans worth two to three times their price in Europe?
a) Jeans were a sign of being wealthy.
b) Casual clothing was scarce in Europe.
c) People thought jeans made them look younger.
d) Jeans were popular in the European music scene.

1. Why has the marine iguana been able to survive better than any other Galapagos creature?
a) Because it can drink saltwater as part of its everyday diet
b) Because it has been able to adapt to the ocean in many ways
c) Because it can survive for long periods of time in the cold ocean
d) Because of its vertically flat tail that it uses to propel itself through the water

What causes the marine iguana to sneeze salt out of its nostrils?
a) Full salt sacs behind its eyes
b) A long period of holding its breath
c) A drastic reduction in its heart rate
d) As an invitation to aggressive predators

What happens once the salt sacks become full?
a) The iguana dives 55 feet under water
b) The iguana removes the salt from its blood
c) The iguana sneezes
d) The iguana wards off aggressive predators

Which of the following transitions is NOT a cause/effect key word?
a) hence
b) so
c) in order to
d) first of all

The most important linking word or phrase to show a cause and effect relationship is the word or phrase...
a) because
b) as a result
c) therefore
d) in order to

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