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Ultima is all of the following except
a) a midwife
b) a curandera
c) a healer
d) a bruja

The quality of Ultima's owl that adds to her mysterious personality was its
a) long feathers
b) deep-set eyes
c) twisted tail
d) song-like hoot

Witches are know to do all of the following expect
a) be accompanied by owls
b) use the evil eye
c) make medicine
d) cause illness

Who does Ultima give instructions for her burial?
a) Antonio
b) Gabriel
c) Uncle Lucas
d) Maria

Wise and intelligent represent what two characters
a) Ultima and Tony
b) Gabriel and Maria
c) Ultima and Gabriel
d) Tony and Maria

Maria Marez wants her son to become
a) a scholar and a farmer
b) a farmer and a priest
c) a scholar and a priest
d) a scholar and a curandera

Antonio Marez is a born
a) inquirer
b) doubter
c) empathizer
d) healer

Who believes in living a farming life style?
a) Gabriel Marez
b) Antonio Marez
c) Maria Marez
d) Ultima

Gabriel Marez is characterized by all of the following except
a) father of six children
b) having opposing view of life with his wife
c) dissatisfied with his current lifestyle
d) very religious

Tenorio Trementina is the town
a) drunk
b) bartender
c) vaquero
d) veteran

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