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Name the most popular college majors.
a) Art and history
c) Engineering and science
d) Business administration and education

What is the difference in lifetime earnings for high school graduates vs. college graduates?
a) 1,372,400
c) 2,021,000
d) 648,600

According to the Year 2000 US Census, about how many occupations are there in the US?
a) 30,000 to 36,000
c) 8,000 to 12,000
d) 15,000 to 20,000

Which of these is correct?
a) Career technical schools award Certificates of Completion
c) Career technical schools award Bachelor of Science degrees
d) Four year colleges give only Bachelor of Arts degrees

What subjects would you typically study if you are a Liberal Arts major?
a) English, history, and a foreign language
c) Engineering, chemistry, and oceanography
d) Math, economics, and biology

Knowledge of a foreign language might be useful in what occupations?
a) Archaeologist, international relations officer, historian
b) Architect, interior decorator, graphic artist
c) Nuclear engineer, park ranger, cinematographer
d) All of the above

Can I go to college in the US and study abroad for a year?
a) No, you must take all classes on the main campus of your school.
c) Yes, you may study abroad if you have a straight \'A\' average.
d) Yes, some schools have study abroad programs.

Why is going to college important?
a) Your chances of getting a high paying job are typically better if you have a college degree.
c) If you have a college degree, you will always get a job before someone with less education.
d) A college education tells an employer that you are able to challenge yourself.

Three types of teaching occupations are:
a) Foreign language, vocational/technical, business
c) Adjustment clerk, database administrator, insurance claim representative
d) Toxicologist, pathologist, radiologist

Three types of engineering occupations are:
a) Machinist, robot technician, industrial instrument repairer
c) Laboratory tester, science technician, physiologist
d) Petroleum engineer, mining engineer, metallurgical engineer

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