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What was a Patriot?
a) British soldiers who agreed with British rule over the colonies.
b) Colonist opposed to British rule.
c) British soldier opposed to British rule over the colonies.
d) Colonist who agreed with British rule over the colonies.

The government decided to ______________, or cancel, the law.
a) Boycott
b) militia
c) Repeal
d) Tariff

The killing of five men in Boston by panicked British soldiers is known as
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Townshed Acts
c) First Continental Congress
d) Boston Massacre

The ____________________ was formed by representatives of all but one of the 13 colonies. Representatives voted on what action to take against the British and their taxes.
a) Minutemen
b) First Continental Congress
c) Committee of Correspondence
d) Loyalist

Who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston?
a) Paul Revere
b) Hugh White
c) Crispus Attucks
d) George Washington

Which Patriot warned of the British attack?
a) John Adams
b) George Washington
c) Paul Revere
d) John Hancock

Which event took place First?
a) Paul Revere captured.
b) Battle of Concord
c) British reteat to Boston
d) Battle of Lexington

Which battle began with "the shot heard round the world?"
a) Bunker Hill
b) Lexington
c) Breed's Hill
d) Concord

Which brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?
a) Breed's Hill
b) Lexington
c) Concord
d) Bunker Hill

Who led the colonists in the battle of Bunker Hill?
a) John Hancock
b) John Adams
c) Paul Revere
d) William Prescott

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