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How did Avraham listen to Hashem
a) He traveled where Hashem told him
b) He ran away from Hashem
c) He got married
d) He planted a tree

What is the main idea of the first pasukim of the parsha
a) have a big family
b) listen to Hashem
c) help others
d) do your own thing

What does the word עבד mean
a) servant
b) teacher
c) student
d) parent

What book of the Chumash is לך לך
a) Shemos
b) Bamidbar
c) Berashis
d) Devorim

What did Paroah want to do with Sara
a) marry her
b) send her away
c) kill her
d) adopt her

Avraham's father is
a) Moshe
b) Yitzchak
c) Dovid
d) Terach

How many tests did Avrham face
a) 1
b) 10
c) 5
d) 20

What are the names of Avraham's two sons
a) Moshe and Aaron
b) Dovid and Solomon
c) Yitzchok and Yishmoel
d) Yaakov and Benyomin

How old was Avraham when he had his bris
a) 13
b) 1
c) 99
d) 120

How did Avraham honor his guests
a) sent them away
b) made them his servants
c) gave them food and comfort
d) asked them for money

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