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What document gives our laws, rights, and freedoms?
a) Dictionary
b) Internet
c) Emancipation Proclamation
d) Constitution

Which example would qualify as good citizenship?
a) running a red light
b) throwing trash on the highway
c) cleaning up the beach
d) cutting down trees at the park

Which of the following words would be a synonym for the word justice?
a) fairness
b) honesty
c) sharing
d) cheating

A community is a place where____
a) people go to church
b) a group of people live and work together
c) there are a lot of mountains
d) people go to talk

What do you call the drawing on a map that shows the cardinal directions?
a) a legend
b) a key
c) a compass rose
d) a glossary

What is the imaginary line on a map that separates the Northern Hemisphere from the Southern Hemisphere?
a) a continent
b) the south pole
c) a border
d) the equator

A responsible act is____
a) fighting with friends
b) robbing the bank
c) recycling paper
d) yelling at your mom

Who was the Italian explorer who sailed from Europe to the Americas while trying to reach the Indies?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Lewis and Clark
c) Sacagawea
d) Thomas Jefferson

What was the Shoshone woman's name that acted as an interpreter and a guide for Lewis and Clark?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Sacajawea
c) Betsy Ross
d) Pocohantas

A citizen is a person who____
a) lives in and belongs to a community
b) joins the army
c) came from another country
d) is elected to be a mayor

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