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This Is Part 2 Of 2 On The Review Of The Territorial Expansion Unit.[print questions]

Which of the following caused the removal of Native Americans from the South?
a) Native Americans were out of buffalo.
b) The Prophet told them to move.
c) The governor of Georgia gave Oklahoma to the Native Americans.
d) The white settlers in the South wanted the Native American's land.

What are social-class distinctions?
a) level in society based on race
b) level in society based on wealth
c) level in society based on gender
d) level in society based ethnicity

People traveling on the Oregon Trail crossed what mountain range?
a) Adirondack
b) Alps
c) Appalachian
d) Rockies

Texas did not become a state for 10 years. Why?
a) Texas did not have enough people.
b) It was too close to Mexico.
c) It did not have enough slaves.
d) The US government thought it would become a slave state.

What happened to Mexican culture when Americans settled Texas?
a) Missions were successful.
b) Spanish language was the main language.
c) Trade took off between Mexico and the US
d) Mexican culture actually declined because most of the settlers to Texas were Americans.

How did transportation not improve during the Industrial Revolution?
a) Roads- logs were laid side by side to create corduroy roads
b) Canals - waterways that connected major bodies of water
c) Steam engine - increased the speed to river boats
d) Census - a flat bottom boat that only went on canals

What philosophy meant that the United States was set apart to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacific?
a) rendezvous
b) emigrant
c) joint occupation
d) Manifest Destiny

Which of the following is a characteristic of the Oregon Trail?
a) the list of deaths
b) covered wagons
c) disease
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements about the election of 1800 is true?
a) Federalists won Georgia's electoral votes.
b) New Hampshire supported the Democratic-Republican ticket.
c) Connecticut had seven electoral votes.
d) It ended in a tie.

Which of the following statements expresses an opinion about Andrew Jackson?
a) Jackson served two terms as president.
b) He spoke out against South Carolina's Nullification Act.
c) Because of Jackson, the United States has the best system of filling government positions.
d) Jackson supported the Indian Removal Act.

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