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P and S waves help determine the Earth's interior is made of layers because
a) P waves travel only through solids
b) S waves stay at the surface
c) S waves travel through solid and liquids
d) S waves travel through solids only

By analyzing the arrival of seismic waves, scientists can infer (figure out) all of these EXCEPT:
a) the location of the focus
b) the seismic gap
c) the composition of the earth's interior layers.
d) the temperature of the core.

To locate a plate boundary scientists look
a) in the interior layers of the Earth
b) on the continent
c) in the ocean
d) for the location of earthquakes and volcanoes

Which of the following is NOT used in determining the VEI of a volcanic eruption?
a) The height of the eruption column
b) The height of the mountain before the eruption.
c) The amount of material released (volume of product)
d) The duration (length) of the eruption.

Volcanoes can have which of the following effects?
a) change in climate, loss of life, and infertile soil
b) loss of life, fertile soil, and new ocean crust
c) new ocean crust, infertile soil, airline traffic problems
d) natural gas explosions, water main breaks, no change in climate

Both earthquakes and volcanoes can have which of the following effects?
a) tsunamis, increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere, and destruction of buildings.
b) hurricanes, destruction of buildings, new ocean crust
c) tsunamis, infertile soil, and an increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere
d) destruction of buildings, hurricanes, and change in climate

a paper or digital record of earthquake motion.
a) Richter scale
b) seismograph
c) seismogram
d) Mercalli scale

A scale that is newer and measures larger quakes.
a) Richter scale
b) Mercalli scale
c) moment magnitude scale
d) seismograph

A scale that measures earthquake intensity or damage after the quake occurs.
a) Richter scale
b) Mercalli scale
c) moment magnitude scale
d) seismogram

Earthquakes generally occur at plate boundaries, where
a) the most rocks are found.
b) magnetic pull is greatest from the poles.
c) stress on rocks is the greatest because of plate movement and convection.
d) stress on rocks is low.

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