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Greg got hot under the collar when he discovered that his little brother had broken his favorite toy.
a) hot under the collar
b) broken his favorite toy
c) little brother
d) he discovered

They made my blood run cold when the creepy creatures came out of the spacecraft.
a) creepy creatures
b) They made
c) came out of the spacecraft
d) blood run cold

Jordan had lost his autographed baseball at the park. He was so down in the dumps that he stayed in his bedroom all afternoon.
a) Jordan had lost
b) down in the dumps
c) all afternoon
d) autographed baseball

During her argument with her sister, Kirsten lost her cool and said some hurtful things.
a) During her argument
b) said some hurtful things
c) lost her cool
d) with her sister

Lisa got a letter telling her that her entry had won first prize in the poetry contest. When Dad asked how she felt, Lisa said, she was sitting on the top of the world.
a) a letter telling her that her entry had won
b) sitting on top of the world
c) how she felt
d) first prize in the poetry contest

Just before the play was to start, Cory peeked at the audience from behind the curtain. He told his teacher, I have butterflies in my stomach.
a) butterflies in my stomach
b) before the play was to start
c) Cory peeked at the audience
d) from behind the curtain

Nicole was tickled pink to receive an invitation to Kelly's party.
a) Nicole was
b) tickled pink
c) to receive
d) an invitation

I am feeling under the weather today, I just don't feel very well.
a) I am feeling
b) under the weather
c) I just don't
d) feel very well

I am sick to my stomach because she said those mean things to me on the playground.
a) I am
b) sick to my stomach
c) she said those mean things
d) to me on the playground

After the roller coaster ride was over, I looked over at Bill and he looked green.
a) After the roller coaster
b) ride was over
c) I looked over at Bill
d) he looked green

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