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Peru lies in western south america, along the pacific ocean.
a) South America
b) South America, Pacific
c) Pacific Ocean
d) South America, Pacific Ocean

california is west of the rockies, while missouri is east of the rockies.
a) California, Rockies
b) California, Missouri
c) Missouri, Rockies
d) California, Rockies, Missouri, Rockies

The northwestern part of florida, called the panhandle, extends along the northern shore of the gulf of mexico.
a) Florida, Panhandle, Gulf, Mexico
b) Florida, Mexico
c) Panhandle, Gulf
d) Gulf, Mexico

daytona beach is located on the east coast of florida.
a) Daytona Beach
b) Daytona beach
c) Daytona, Beach, Florida
d) East Coast

The orient is another name for the asian countries and islands, or the east.
a) Orient, Asian, East
b) Asian
c) Orient, Asian
d) Orient

burma, cambodia, loas, and malaysia are countries of southeast asia.
a) Cambodia, Loas, Malaysia
b) Burma, Cambodia, Loas, Malaysia, Asia
c) Burma, Cambodia, Southeast Asia
d) Burma, Cambodia, Loas, Malaysia, Southeast, Asia

all areas north of the equator make up the northern hemisphere.
a) All
b) All, North Hemisphere
c) All, Northern Hemisphere
d) All, Hemisphere

baton rouge, louisiana, ranks as a major southern center of the chemical and petroleum industries.
a) Baton rouge, Louisiana, Southern
b) louisiana, southern
c) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
d) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Southern

south africa is a country that lies at the southern tip of the continent of africa.
a) South Africa, Africa
b) South Africa, Southern, Africa
c) South Africa
d) South

turkey is a middle eastern nation that lies both in europe and asia.
a) Turkey
b) Turkey, Middle, Eastern
c) Turkey, Europe, Asia
d) Turkey, Middle, Eastern, Europe, Asia

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