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A THRONG of people crowded the entrance of the carnival.
a) small number
b) great number
c) pair
d) a few

Children held colorful balloons that BOBBED in the wind.
a) got wet
b) filled with air
c) moved up and down
d) shrunk

A group of TODDLERS lined up with their parents for the merry-go-round.
a) young children
b) teenagers
c) adults
d) elderly folks

Jordan got on the Ferris wheel and ASCENDED high into the air.
a) drove
b) rose
c) dropped
d) sank

Cindy tightly CLUTCHED the safety bar as she rode the roller coaster.
a) twisted
b) folded
c) held
d) released

A player at the shooting gallery hit every target PRECISELY in the middle.
a) exactly
b) carelessly
c) slowly
d) barely

A child clapped her hands with GLEE when her dad won her a prize.
a) anger
b) joy
c) sadness
d) guilt

Bryan bought a hot dog that was SMOTHERED with onions.
a) covered thickly
b) frozen
c) colored
d) smelled

Because she was thirsty, Lynn took a long SIP from her soda.
a) straw
b) drink
c) noise
d) gasp

When darkness fell, the carnival GLOWED with bright lights.
a) looked dark
b) was shut down
c) shone
d) disapeared

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