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1. On my vacation I would like to ________________the ______________________.
a) sea , see
b) see, sea
c) See, Sea
d) Sea, See

2. When the Burtons got to the camping ___________, they were met with a beautiful _________ of the lake.
a) site, sight
b) sight, site
c) Sight, Site
d) Site, Sight

3. The bridge that crossed the ___________ made a loud ___________ as we walked on it.
a) Creak, Creek
b) Creek, Creak
c) creek, creak
d) creak, creek

4. The toddler began to ______________ when he spotted the _____________ from his parents' boat.
a) Wail, Whale
b) whale, wail
c) Whale, Wail
d) wail, whale

5. From the ___________, Craig and his sister could see the treeless __________ below them.
a) plain, plane
b) Plain, Plane
c) plane, plain
d) Plane, Plain

6. I heard that __________ going to Disneyland on _____________ vacation.
a) your, you're
b) you're, your
c) Your, You're
d) You're, Your

7. The Carneys left ___________ suitcases over ______________.
a) their, there
b) There, Their
c) there, their
d) Their, There

8. Fran thought it was ________________ of her husband to book the best hotel _____________ for their stay in the city.
a) suite, sweet
b) sweet, suite
c) Suite, Sweet
d) Sweet, Suite

9. David looked throuh his binoculars to take a ________________ at the majestic _________________ that towered above the ski resort.
a) peek, peak
b) peak, peek
c) Peak, Peek
d) Peek, Peak

10. It was quite a _________________ for Nicole to finish the hike since she had bruised both of her _______________.
a) feet, feat
b) Feet, Feat
c) feat, feet
d) Feat, Feet

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