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Charles Lindberg, the first person to fly nonstop from new york to paris, names his plane the spirit of st.louis.
a) New York
b) New York, Paris and Spirit, St. Louis
c) Spirit, St. Louis
d) New York, Paris

The caldecott medal is awarded to the illustrator of the most distinguished children's picture book publish in america.
a) Caldecott
b) Medal
c) Caldecott Medal, America
d) Caldecott Medal

The sears tower, in chicago, illinois, has 110 stories.
a) Sears, Tower
b) Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois
c) Sears tower, Chicago, illinois
d) Chicago, Illinois

The nina, pinta, and santa maria were the three ships christopher columbus sailed on his first voyage westward.
a) Nina, Pinta, Santa, Maria, Christopher, Columbus
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Nina Pinta
d) Santa Maria

The bill of rights is the first 10 ammendment s to the constitution of the united states.
a) Bill, Rights
b) Bill, Rights, Constitution, United, States
c) United, States
d) Constitution, United, States

Kim dae jung won the 2000 nobel peace prize.
a) Dae, Jung
b) Dae, Jung, Nobel
c) Nobel Peace Prize
d) Dae, Jung, Nobel, Peace, Prize

The empire state building is taller than the john hancock center.
a) Empire, State
b) John Hancock
c) Empire, State, John Hancock
d) Empire, State, John, Hancock, Center

Our class is going to the museum of natural history
a) Museum
b) Natural History
c) Museum, Natural, History
d) Natural, History

A naval destroyer, the uss elliot, is going to anchor off the hermosa beach coast.
a) USS Elliot, Hermosa Beach Coast
b) USS Elliot, Hermosa Beach coast.
c) USS Elliot, Hermosa
d) USS, Elliot, Hermosa, Beach

The statue of liberty is one of the largest statues ever built.
a) Statue, Liberty
b) Statue
c) Liberty
d) Statues

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