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The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was located
a) in the Fertile Crescent
b) int eh Nile River Valley
c) on the Arabian Peninsula
d) on the Indian Subcontinent

If a person was travel directly from Italy to Egypt, he or she would be going in which direction?
a) Northwest
b) Northeast
c) Southwest
d) Southeast

Trade routes between ancient Egypt and Nubia were MAINLY affected by which geographic feature?
a) deserts
b) jungles
c) steppes
d) mountains

Which BEST explains why people in ancient Greece focused on overseas trading rather than farming?
a) The land was too mountainous to grow enough crops.
b) The land was too marshy to grow enough crops.
c) The temperature was too high to grow enough crops.
d) The climate was too rainy to grow enough crops.

Which best describes the climate of ancient Egypt?
a) hot and dry
b) wet and cold
c) cold and dry
d) hot and wet

Which best describes the landscape of ancient Rome?
a) hilly
b) plains
c) deserts
d) sandy

Which best describes the location of ancient Greece?
a) Southern Europe, Mediterranean Region
b) Arabian Penninsula
c) Central America
d) Northern Europe

Which best describes the landscape of ancient Mesopotamia?
a) Fertile plains with rivers
b) Mountains with rivers
c) Deserts with rivers
d) Hilly with rivers

Which geographic features kept India secluded from the rest of the world?
a) mountains and oceans
b) deserts and oceans
c) plains and oceans
d) rivers and oceans

The Tibetan Plateau is located in which country?
a) China
b) India
c) Central America
d) Greece

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