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Suppose you are swimming in a lake when a thunderstorm approaches. Which of the following would be the best way to protect yourself from lightning?
a) taking shelter in an automobile
b) diving underwater
c) going fishing instead of swimming
d) taking shelter under a tree

Which of these BEST explains the reason that thunderstorms are likely to form on a hot day?
a) Warm, humid air rises quickly and then cools.
b) As air slowly rises it loses humidity and causes rain.
c) The air is usually calm and allows the clouds to form.
d) The air rises quickly and forms low-level cloud layers.

El NiƱo is an ocean current that is warmer than normal and recurs every few years in the Pacific Ocean. What effect would warmer waters have on weather along the Pacific Coast of t
a) More water would evaporate into the atmosphere and lead to more rain.
b) Less water would evaporate into the atmosphere and cause a drought.
c) The air temperatures over land would decrease.
d) The wind speeds over water would decrease.

Jennifer measured the temperature difference between two areas located next to each other. She did this at four locations. Which location is MOST LIKELY to have the strongest winds
a) ocean and beach
b) pond and stream
c) forest and field
d) lake and river

At the start of a hurricane, strong winds blew over the ocean causing more water to evaporate. How did this effect the hurricane?
a) The hurricane became stronger.
b) The hurricane became weaker.
c) The hurricane lost pressure.
d) The hurricane lost heat.

Which is MOST LIKELY to cause a hurricane?
a) warm evaporated water from the ocean
b) cold evaporating water from the ocean
c) a deep underwater earthquake
d) a distant tidal wave

The sun warms a large area of an ocean. This causes a large amount of water to evaporate into the air. Which weather event might occur?
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) tidal wave
d) freezing rain

Warm evaporated moisture from an ocean moved inland over a city. The city is blocked on one side by a mountain range. Which type of weather characteristic is MOST LIKELY to occur?
a) rain
b) snow
c) clear skies
d) low humidity

In some years there are more hurricanes than usual. This is probably because...
a) the ocean is warmer than usual.
b) the ozone layer is very thin.
c) there are more windy days than usual.
d) the gravitational pull of the Moon is stronger

Yvette, she noticed that more hurricanes formed over tropical oceans than over colder ocean areas. Which of these BEST explains why
a) Air has more moisture over tropical oceans than over cold oceans.
b) Air has less moisture over tropical oceans than over cold oceans.
c) Water has more waves in tropical oceans than in colder oceans.
d) Water has fewer currents in tropical oceans than in colder oceans.

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