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If your hypothesis was not supported, you can
a) keep the information to yourself.
b) change it so it is supported and not redo the test.
c) conduct your test again to check for errors or see if you get the same result.
d) stop.

If a scientist was testing to see what type of candy (Kit Kats, Hershey Bars, or Snickers) is the most popular. What is the dependent variable?
a) when you give them the candy
b) how much candy you give them
c) the type of candy
d) the people's opinions

You think that leaves turn color because of cold temperatures. You have made a
a) test
b) hypothesis
c) random guess
d) conclusion

What type of observation describes the amount of something and can easily be assigned a numeric value?
a) quantitative
b) inference
c) qualitative
d) numeritative

What is the base unit of measurement for mass in the metric system?
a) liter.
b) meter
c) gram
d) centimeters cubed

In this step of the scientific method you must decide whether your results supported your hypothesis.
a) test
b) communicate results
c) analyze results
d) draw conclusions

Science depends on what?
a) Learning chemistry
b) The sharing of information
c) Scientific Lectures
d) Knowing the periodic table of elements

The dependent variable in an experiment is the variable that
a) that you want to keep constant (the same).
b) is changed by the scientist. It doesn't depend on the independent variable.
c) the scientist observes that changes. It depends on the independent variable.
d) cannot change.

What is the correct order for the steps of the scientific method?
a) research, draw conclusions, analyze results, test, hypothesis, question
b) question/problem, research, hypothesis, test, analyze results, draw conclusions
c) hypothesis, question, research, test, analyze results, draw conclusions
d) question, test, analyze results, hypothesis, draw conclusions, research

This scientific method is
a) a method to become a scientist.
b) a method to be a science teacher.
c) a series of steps used to evaluate other scientists.
d) a series of steps scientists use to solve problems.

Density is
a) how heavy something is.
b) how much space something takes up.
c) the mass of something.
d) the amount of matter (mass) in a given space (volume).

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