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UTBRS Ch. 4.[print questions]

Why do Tomi and Billy call their practice field diamond grass?
a) Because it is so valuable to them (more valuable than diamonds)
b) Because diamonds were once found in the grass
c) Because the grass is shaped like diamonds
d) Because when the sun hits the grass it looks like diamonds

What is a butsudan?
a) A picture of the emperor to be praised
b) A Japanese ceremonial sword
c) A cabinet with a picture of a loved one inside to honor their memory
d) A kitchen cabinet

What is a katana?
a) A Japanese Samurai sword
b) A kind of Japanese dessert
c) A breed of dog found in Japan
d) Inscence burned to remember a loved one

What was the reason that Mama sailed to the United States?
a) To marry Papa
b) So she could see the world
c) To find work
d) To marry a man she had never met

What does Grandpa sleep on at night?
a) A nice mattress
b) An air mattress
c) A Japanese Tatami mat
d) A rusty old spring bed

Where does Mrs. Davis work?
a) As a maid for Keet's family
b) As a lawyer downtown
c) On a fishing boat
d) At Queen's Hospital

What happened to the man Mama was supposed to marry?
a) He was put in jail
b) He was killed in a gambling fight
c) He married her right away
d) He decided not to marry her

Why did Mama say that the family was very lucky?
a) Because they have a lot of money
b) Because Lucky is having puppies
c) Because they having a loving family, with a Papa who is kind and honorable
d) Because they have so many close friends

What would Mama have done if Papa had not married her?
a) Sailed back to Japan and remained unmarried
b) Found work and lived alone in Honolulu
c) Married someone back in Japan
d) Married someone else from Kaka'ako

Why is Tomi embarrassed to have Billy visit his home?
a) Because his room was messy
b) Because he just wanted to play baseball
c) Because he was afraid Grandpa would embarrass him
d) Because his family was poor and did not have very much furniture

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