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Englishman who developed a method of turning iron ore into steel
a) Sir Henry Bessemer
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) John D. Rockefeller
d) Robert Fulton

Man who developed the first successful steamboat
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Samuel Morse
c) Robert Fulton
d) Henry Ford

Teacher of deaf-mutes who invented the telephone
a) Thomas Watson
b) Alexander Graham Bell
c) Thomas Edison
d) Robert Goddard

Man who developed the assembly line and built the Model T
a) Orville Wright
b) Henry Ford
c) Garrett Morgan
d) John D. Rockefeller

Man who launched the first successful liquid-fuel rocket ever built
a) Jan Ernst Matzeliger
b) Robert Fulton
c) Robert Goddard
d) Sir Henry Bessemer

Man who invented the gas mask and the traffic signal
a) Robert Goddard
b) Jan Ernst Matzeliger
c) Samuel Morse
d) Garrett Morgan

Man who built the steel industry in America
a) Sir Henry Bessemer
b) Andrew Carnegie
c) John D. Rockefeller
d) Alexander Graham Bell

Man who invented the telegraph
a) Samuel Morse
b) Samuel Clemans
c) Thomas Watson
d) Thomas Edison

Man who invented the phonograph
a) Thomas Watson
b) Thomas Edison
c) Wilbur Wright
d) Henry Ford

Man who organized the oil industry in America
a) Jan Ernst Matzeliger
b) Garrett Morgan
c) Andrew Carnegie
d) John D. Rockefeller

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