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What state is directly south of Washington state?
a) California
b) Nevada
c) Idaho
d) Oregon

What state borders Maine?
a) Vermont
b) Rhode Island
c) New Hampshire
d) Connecticut

Whate state is directly west of Georgia?
a) Mississippi
b) Louisianna
c) North Carolina
d) Alabama

What is the capital of Kansas?
a) Topeka
b) Trenton
c) Tallahassee
d) Toronto

What is the capital of Arizona?
a) St. Paul
b) Phoenix
c) Providence
d) Pierre

Bismarck is the capital of what state?
a) South Dakota
b) Colorado
c) Kansas
d) North Dakota

Pierre is the capital of what state?
a) Wisconsin
b) South Dakota
c) Sacramento
d) Kansas

DesMoines is the capital of what state?
a) Illinois
b) Iowa
c) Indiana
d) Iroqouis

What is the capital of Michigan?
a) Helena
b) Pierre
c) Lansing
d) Olympia

What state is directly South of Oklahoma?
a) Kansas
b) Arkansas
c) Missouri
d) Texas

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