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This instrument measures air pressure.
a) barometer
b) radar
c) anemometer
d) wind vane

This instrument measures wind speed.
a) anemometer
b) barometer
c) radar
d) wind vane

This instrument locates precipitation.
a) radar
b) anemometer
c) barometer
d) wind vane

What kind of weather does a stationary front bring?
a) many days of cloudy, wet weather
b) drizzly rain followed by clear weather
c) severe strms
d) cold, dry weather.

What happens when air reaches its dew point?
a) relative humidity is 100%
b) the air starts to get warmer
c) the humidity decreases
d) clouds form

Which of the following would describe a warm, dry air mass?
a) cT
b) cP
c) mT
d) mP

When warm air moves over cold air and replaces it...
a) a warm front forms.
b) a cold front forms.
c) an occluded front forms.
d) a stationary front forms.

Images of weather systems you see on TV come from
a) weather satellites
b) station models
c) weather balloons
d) anemometers

What is the purpose of isobars?
a) to connect points of equal pressure on a weather map
b) to measure air pressure
c) to describe weather conditions in a weather station
d) to find out what type of precipitation will occur at different locations.

What type of weather will an anticyclone bring?
a) dry and clear
b) cool and wet
c) stormy
d) changeable

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