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Medieval.[print questions]

Harold Bluetooth's native home is
a) England
b) Scandinavia
c) Ireland
d) Germany

Cemented ties between a lord and vassal
a) manorialism
b) feudalism
c) chivalry
d) homage

The goal of the Inquisition was to
a) eliminate the growing practice of excommunication
b) encourage monks to lead lives of poverty,chastity, and obedience
c) seek out and punish heretics
d) prevent secular rulers from using the symbols of the church

During the feudal era, noblewomen
a) were prohibited from hunting or fishing
b) possessed few, if any rights
c) had full responsibility for supervising the manor
d) had lower standards of living than most serfs

All of the following are characteristic of medieval castles EXCEPT
a) habitation by both humans and animals
b) a square tower called a keep
c) all wooden construction through the 1200's
d) a large open area called a bailey

The term in saeculo referred to those members of clergy who live
a) in monasteries
b) a life of poverty
c) as a part of society
d) in Rome

The self sufficiency of the manor was important during the feudal era because
a) carpenters and blacksmiths could not leave the manor without permission
b) war and invasion made trade difficult
c) heavy taxation mad manufactured goods expensive
d) few peasants were skilled as artisans

The North Atlantic island of Greenland was settled by the
a) Franks
b) Carolingians
c) Danes
d) Norwegians

All of the following were Frankish kings except
a) Pepin the Short
b) Charlemagne
c) Alfred the Great
d) Clovis

The French king who strengthened the monarchy during the period 1180-1223 was
a) Louis XI
b) Louis IV
c) Philip Augustus
d) Otto the Great

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