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The denial of basic church teachings is called
a) lay investiture
b) excommunication
c) heresy
d) the Inquisition

Primarily intended to protect the feudal rights, Magna Carta eventually
a) gave the king freedom to tax nobles without their consent
b) eliminated the power of the monarchy
c) guaranteed the rights of all English people
d) placed all governing authority with the House of Commons

Feudal society was characterized by
a) the rule of a strong central government
b) a hierarchical system of relationships and obligations
c) increasing consolidation of power by Frankish kings
d) the absence of hostility between neighboring fiefs

He defeated the Danes in 886
a) Alfred the Great
b) Monte Cassino
c) Charles Martel
d) Charlemagne

This jury was introduced by Henry II
a) petit jury
b) homage
c) chivalry
d) fief

He conducted a census of western Europe
a) Alfred the Great
b) Charlemagne
c) Charles Martel
d) William the Conqueror

He double the size of the Frankish territory
a) Charlemagne
b) Charles Martel
c) William Duke of Normandy
d) Alfred the Great

This was the site of Benedict's model monastery
a) Cluny
b) Monte Cassino
c) England
d) Germany

This describes the deed of the Viking gods
a) chivalry
b) eddas
c) homage
d) manorialism

An estate with peasants included is known as
a) homage
b) feudalism
c) fief
d) vassal

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