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Near total authority within a fief was wielded by the
a) king
b) homage
c) lord
d) knight

William the Conqueror earned his title by
a) repelling the Danish invaders
b) defeating the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld
c) seizing Viking territory in Scandinavia
d) leading the Normans to victory in the Battle of Hastings

The strongest Germanic group to emerge during the 400s was the
a) Carolingians
b) Franks
c) Vikings
d) Lombards

The wandering preachers who encouraged Catholic loyalty during the 1200\\\'s were
a) cardinals
b) abbots
c) friars
d) Benedictines

Charlemagne did all of the following EXCEPT
a) expand the Frankish empire to include northern Spain and Italy
b) divided the Carolingians lands by the Treaty of Verdun
c) set up a palace school at his capital
d) defend Pope Leo III against Roman nobles

The reform minded monastery at Cluny was located in
a) France
b) Monte Cassino
c) Ireland
d) Germany

The behavior of knights was governed by a code of honor called
a) chivalry
b) homage
c) manorialism
d) vassalage

Viking expeditions our of Scandinavia were triggered by
a) the Slav invasion of their homeland
b) overpopulation and land pressure at home
c) their desire to defeat the Magyars
d) their desire to defeat the Muslims

The Benedictine Rule specified, among other things that
a) masses would be conducted in Latin
b) the clergy must live in saeculo
c) monks could not own goods
d) local lords could not appoint relatives as abbots

The first Germanic ruler to accept Catholicism was
a) Charles Martel
b) Merowig
c) Eric Bloodax
d) Clovis

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