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The planet that has nearly the same diameter as Earth is
a) Venus
b) Mercury
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

It is difficult for astronomers to study Mercury because
a) its atmosphere is so thick
b) it is made mostly of gases
c) it is so close to the sun
d) it is so large compared to other planets

The high temperature of Venus's surface is due to
a) the greenhouse effect
b) high winds
c) the thin atmosphere
d) liquid water on its surface

What are Venus's clouds made of?
a) only carbon dioxide
b) a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen
c) mostly droplets of sulfuric acid
d) only oxygen

Which is a correct comparison of daytime and nighttime temperatures on Mercury
a) Daytime temperatures are low and nighttime temperatures high
b) Daytime temperatures are high and nighttime temperatures are low
c) both daytime and nighttime temperatures are low
d) both daytime and nighttime temperatures are high

What two gases make up most of Earth's atmosphere
a) oxygen and water vapor
b) nitrogen and oxygen
c) oxygen and argon
d) nitrogen and carbon dioxide

What is Jupiter's atmosphere composed of?
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) mainly hydrogen and helium
c) only hydrogen
d) only helium

Saturn's rings are made of
a) chunks of ice and rock
b) very dense gases
c) water vapor trapped by Saturn's gravitational field
d) droplets of liquid helium

In a geocentric system
a) the sun is at the center of the revolving planets
b) Earth is at the center of the revolving planets
c) only the sun revolves around the Earth
d) Earth revolves around the moon

What is an ellipse?
a) a cube-like shape
b) a perfect circle
c) a slightly flattened circle or oval shape
d) a sphere

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