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Because conservation means using fewer natural resources and reducing wastes, it helps
a) slow overpopulation and grow food.
b) stop exotic species and create habitats.
c) prevent biodiversity and destroy species.
d) prevent habitat destruction and reduce pollution.

Three ways to conserve resources include reducing, recycling, and
a) renaming.
b) rethinking.
c) reusing.
d) rebuilding.

What is the preservation and wise use of natural resources called?
a) conservation
b) biodiversity
c) habitats
d) ecology

Biodiversity can be maintained by protecting
a) habitats.
b) factories.
c) crops.
d) exotic species.

The process of recovering valuable or useful materials from waste or scrap is called
a) recycling
b) reducing
c) rebuilding
d) renewing

People can reduce waste by using products that are
a) nonrenewable.
b) exotic.
c) biodegradable.
d) fossil fuels.

What can farmers use to prevent the harming of beneficial insects?
a) spray insecticides
b) non-aerosol insecticides
c) new pesticides
d) natural pest control

Conserving wetlands and reducing deforestation will help
a) protect habitats
b) slow overpopulation
c) eliminate exotic species
d) stop air pollution

We can reduce our need for fossil fuels by developing
a) alternative energy sources
b) new oil sources
c) gasoline-powered cars
d) natural gas lines

Which of the following is NOT a strategy to protect the environment?
a) preserving entire habitats
b) increasing the use of solar power
c) reducing deforestation
d) using pesticides that target all insects

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