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Which cultural element spread from the Byzantine Empire to early Russia?
a) Latin languages
b) Democratic ideas
c) Orthodox Christianity
d) Silk cloth

Which is a major contribution of the Byzantine Empire to global history?
a) Preservation of Greek and Roman culture
b) Construction of the pyramids
c) Expansion of equal rights
d) Invention of writing

After the western Roman Empire fell to Germanic invaders in the 5th century A.D., the eastern part of the empire eventually became known as the
a) Carthaginian Empire
b) Islamic Empire
c) Persian Empire
d) Byzantine Empire

Which empire had the greatest influence on the development of early Russia?
a) Roman
b) Byzantine
c) Egyptian
d) British

One reason for the growth and success of 9th century cities such as Baghdad, Constantinople, and Ch’ang-an (Xian) were that they
a) Were part of the Roman Empire
b) Tolerated religious diversity
c) Traded only with people from their immediate region
d) Were located on major trade routes

One way in which the Twelve Tables and Justinian’s Code were similar is that both provided
a) A means of achieving social equality
b) The freedom to pursue their own religion
c) A standardized system of laws
d) The right to a public education

The Justinian Code is considered a milestone because it
a) preserved many ancient Chinese legal decrees in writing
b) served as a model for European legal systems
c) became the first democratic constitution
d) united Muslim and Roman thought

The Byzantine Empire made its most important contribution to later civilizations by
a) Recognizing the Pope as the head of the Byzantine Church
b) Preserving much of the Greco-Roman heritage
c) Establishing trade routes to the Americas
d) Encouraging the spread of Buddhism

Constantinople’s location on the Bosporus Strait was one reason that the Byzantine Empire was able to
a) Conquer the Russian city of Moscow
b) Spread Judaism throughout western Europe
c) Control key trade routes between Europe and Asia
d) Unite the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches

Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire because
a) The pope had made it the capital of the Christian world
b) It was a religious center for Muslims
c) Its location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia
d) It was geographically isolated from surrounding empires

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