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During the early Middle Ages, western European societies were most influenced by
a) National monarchies
b) The Roman Catholic Church
c) Elected parliaments
d) The Byzantine Emperor

During the 1400s, the cities of Venice, Constantinople, and Canton achieved prominence because their
a) Locations were favorable for trade
b) Pleasant climates led to an increase in population
c) Democratic governments attracted trade
d) Military power led to industrialization

Revival of trade in western Europe, decline of feudalism, revival of interest in learning, and cultural interaction with the Middle East are associated with the
a) Impact of the Crusades
b) Effect of the barter system
c) Growth of the Maya Empire
d) Rise of Charlemagne

A direct result of the Crusades was that
a) The pope lost control of the Church
b) Europeans increased their demands for goods from the East
c) Christians gained permanent control of the Holy Land
d) Nobles gained power over the monarchs

During the feudal period in Europe, power and position in society were based on the
a) Amount of money earned
b) Level of education achieved
c) Number of slaves owned
d) Amount of land possessed

The growth of maritime and overland trading routes led to
a) Decrease interest in inventions and technology
b) The limited migration of peoples
c) Increased cultural diffusion
d) The development of subsistence agriculture

Which factor contributed to the decline in the power of the European nobles in the late Middle Ages?
a) Decreasing importance of towns an cities
b) Collapse of international trade
c) Rise of nation-states
d) Increase in the influence of serfs

One result of the Crusades was an increase in trade between the Middle East and
a) East Asia
b) Africa
c) North America
d) Europe

In Western Europe, the Middle Ages began after the collapse of which empire?
a) Mughal
b) Roman
c) Ottoman
d) Byzantine

Which economic system existed in Europe during the Early Middle Ages?
a) free- market
b) socialism
c) manorialism
d) command

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