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The Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables were designed to
a) Create a stable society
b) Promote peaceful relations with other cultures
c) Provide a framework for the development of democracy
d) Emphasize the importance of life after death

The term Empire is best defined as
a) A political unit that has a common religious faith
b) A government ruled by the consent of the people
c) An extensive territory under the rule of a single authority
d) A country that requires conquered people to assimilate

The Twelve Tables, Justinian’s Code, and the English Bill of Rights are similar in that each addresses the issue of
a) social mobility
b) economic development
c) the individual and the state
d) the importance of religion

Hammurabi’s Code, the Ten Commandments, and the Twelve Tables were all significant to their societies because they established
a) Democratic governments
b) Official religions
c) Rules of behavior
d) Economic systems

The ideals developed in Athens of Pericles and in Republican Rome influenced the development of
a) A parliament in Britain
b) Military juntas in Latin America
c) A communist government in China
d) A theocracy in Iran

One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both
a) Governed large areas around the Mediterranean Sea
b) Created democratic societies in which people elected their government officials
c) Developed a social system in which great equality existed
d) Promoted unity and communications by building a strong system of roads

China under the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar in that both grew wealthy because they
a) Developed extensive trade networks
b) Created classless societies
c) Encouraged democratic ideals
d) Established free- market economies

One way in which Pax Romana and Pax Mongolia are similar is that both were characterized by
a) Political stability
b) Unifying religious institutions
c) Representatives
d) Social equality for men and women

How did the geography of the Italian peninsula influence the development of the Roman Empire?
a) The unnavigable rivers in the northern part of the peninsula protected the Romans from their neig
b) The lengthy, rugged seacoast encouraged frequent invasions of the Italian peninsula
c) The harsh climate prevented agricultural production on the peninsula
d) The location of the peninsula contributed to Roman control of the Mediterranean region

One contribution of ancient Roman culture was the development of
a) The concept of zero
b) The process of making silk
c) A republican form of government
d) The printing press

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