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All of the following were goals of the Congress of Vienna EXCEPT:
a) Legitimacy
b) Balance of Power
c) Compensation
d) Create a democracy in France

Prince Metternich feared:
a) conservatives
b) liberals
c) the dark
d) moderates

These people did not like change and wanted to undo certain changes.
a) Conservatives
b) Liberals
c) Reactionaries
d) Monarchs

One of the long-term effects of the Congress of Vienna included
a) the decline of nationalism.
b) the growth of nationalism.
c) the support of the monarchy.
d) the support of radicals.

This form of government was more appealing to people after the Congress met.
a) democracy.
b) monarchy.
c) theocracy.
d) socialism.

The political tone of the Congress of Vienna would be described as
a) liberal
b) moderate
c) conservative
d) boring

Indemnity is a ________ reward to other countries for damages caused.
a) political
b) territorial
c) social
d) financial

Out of the representatives, Prince Metternich of ______ was the most influential.
a) Britain
b) Germany
c) Austria
d) France

Metternich believed that liberal ideas would lead to _______.
a) war
b) peace
c) prosperity
d) wealth

The Congress of Vienna was successful because it maintained ______ for about 40 years.
a) prosperity
b) peace
c) the monarchy
d) status quo

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