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What is the capital of Alabama?
a) Mason
b) Montogomery
c) Sprinfield
d) DesMoines

What is the Capital of Illinois?
a) Indianapolis
b) Frankfort
c) Springfield
d) Little Rock

What is the capital of Florida?
a) Talahassee
b) Orlando
c) Miami
d) Baton Rouge

What state has the capitol of Boston?
a) Maryland
b) New York
c) Massachusetts
d) Connecticut

What state has the capital of Juneau?
a) Florida
b) Alaska
c) Alabama
d) Arkansas

What is the capital of Arkansas?
a) Little Rock
b) Jefferson City
c) Dover
d) Sacramento

What state has the capital of Denver?
a) Connecticut
b) North Carolina
c) Delaware
d) Colorado

What is the capital of Ohio?
a) Christopher
b) Columbus
c) Connecticut
d) Kansas

What is the capital of Nevada?
a) Reno
b) Las Vegas
c) Carson City
d) Concord

What is the capital of Wisconsin?
a) Cheyenne
b) Charleston
c) Olympia
d) Madison

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