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A conclusion based on observation or evidence.
a) Inference
b) Control Group
c) Dependent Variable
d) Hypothesis

An untested prediction.
a) Hypothesis
b) Inference
c) Experiment
d) Observation

What is seen or measured.
a) Observation
b) Experiment
c) Control Group
d) Hypothesis

A broad explanation of natural events that is supported by strong evidence.
a) Theory
b) Control Group
c) Hypothesis
d) Inference

Compares the results of an experiment between two (or more) groups.
a) Controlled Experiment
b) Experimental Group
c) Inference
d) Title

Group being tested or receiving treatment. (ex: new drug).
a) Experimental group
b) Theory
c) Control Group
d) Dependent Variable

“Normal” group. Should be identical to experimental group in every wayexcept one: it does not receive the treatment (i.e.: no drug, or given the original drug or a
a) Control group
b) hypothesis
c) Experimental Group
d) Theory

A sugar pill or other “fake” treatment give to the control group so subjects do not receive the treatment (i.e.: no drug, or given the original drug or a
a) Placebo
b) Theory
c) Hypothesis
d) Experimental Group

Variable that is being tested (ex: new drug). In a graph the independent variable is always plotted on the X axis.
a) Independent Variable
b) Dependent Variable
c) Theory
d) Conclusion

Variable that is measured at the end of an experiment; the results (ex: does patient get better?) The dependent variable is always plotted on the Y axis.
a) Dependent Variable
b) Independent Variable
c) Theory
d) Conclusion

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